AIDS/HIV Alternative Views

AIDS Authority - non-profit organization supporting the scientific belief that HIV does not cause AIDS, and the economic and political concerns of the medical culture related to AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Research and Treatment

AIDS, Medicine & Miracles - a national non-profit organization which coordinates holistic retreats emphasizing a holistic, whole person approach, we address the physical, emotional and spiritual components of health.
Community Research Initiative of South Florida - non-profit HIV/AIDS research organization.
Messenger Foundation for AIDS Research, The - non-profit organization involved in raising funds and awareness in the field of basic science research into the HIV virus.
Santa Cruz AIDS Research Foundation (SCARF) - non-profit charity whose mission is to end the AIDS epidemic through biochemical research projects designed to yield therapies that are both effective and economically accessible to everyone.

HIV/AIDS Prison Inmates

Correctional HIV Consortium (CHC) - non-profit corporation whose area of expertise is AIDS and HIV disease as it affects the various components of the criminal justice system and corrections communities.

HIV/AIDS Support Services

Allan Vincent Smith Foundation, The - non-profit organization which provides AIDS awareness education and offers help and support to the local HIV-positive community.
Aunt Rita's Foundation - non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to providing assistance to people affected by HIV and AIDS.
Broward House - non-profit community-based, AIDS service organization offering support and services.
Film Trailers on AIDS - non-profit educational group which produces upbeat film trailers on HIV/AIDS, to be shown in theaters and on videocassettes.
Immunet - non-profit, highly distributed company, that leverages computer networks to provide better solutions for AIDS research and care.
Interfaith AIDS Ministry (IAM) - non-profit organization that does work surrounding AIDS and the l/g community.
KAIROS Support for Caregivers - San Francisco-based, non-profit community service agency, offering non-judgmental, confidential help for all caregivers to those affected by HIV/AIDS.
Loving Spoonful, A - non-profit organization providing meals for those with HIV/AIDS, Vancouver, Canada.
Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project - a non-profit organization providing direct services and advocacy to those infected with HIV/AIDS.
Northwest AIDS Foundaiton - volunteer driven, non-profit AIDS service organization that provides assistance, and information to people with AIDS, wellness to people with HIV throughout Washington state.
Project Esperanza - a non-profit organization that was formed out of the need for a culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriated program to serve the Hispanic/Latino community.
Project Response - A non-profit organization caring for the HIV/AIDS community in East Central Florida.
WAM Foundation, Inc. - non-profit community based organization that provides education and social services to person infected or affected with HIV/AIDS.

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